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Aurelio eyed her apprehensively for a moment, running a hand through his unkempt brown hair. On any other night of the month, he would have been well groomed and sporting the wardrobe of a celebrity sterling silver bracelets, but tonight the looming moon had already turned his mood for the worse. His face was stubbly and unshaven, his hair tangled and unclean.

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costume jewelry 819: 10 yo. Girl: size M/16, shoe 6, roller skates, winter clothes, RCA tablet; 8 yo. Boy: size 8, shoe 1, roller skates, Legopolis Legos, Minecraft figures; 8 yo. Inexpensive or not, it’s the effort that’s special to me, not the monetary value of what I receive or how the day was spent. My favorite Valentine’s Days have included creativity, not money a big, cardboard red Valentine heart cut into pieces and left throughout my house, and a homemade dinner in nothing but an apron. Most of the girls I know would agree and prefer a night together without all the jazz. costume jewelry

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