Today, with more than 1,600 full and part time staff, OEG

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The federal government awards more than $200 billion every year in government contracts, making it one of the largest, if not the largest, purchasers of goods and services in the country. For businesses that are small, women owned, minority owned, or service disabled veteran owned, this is particularly good news because the federal government has mandated that 25 percent of all government contracts should be given to small businesses meeting those requirements. Here are a few key points for businesses owners interested in seizing these opportunities..

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Daryl began building what is now Oilers Entertainment Group in 2008. Today, with more than 1,600 full and part time staff, OEG houses Katz Group’s growing sports entertainment businesses and operates Rogers Place, one of the leading sports and entertainment venues in North America. Rogers Place was designed and built in a landmark collaboration replica chloe bag between Katz Group and the City of Edmonton..

You need to to play by taking others to lunch to ask questions, investing in direct mail, or driving for dollars. You have to have a purpose, educate yourself, absorb a lot of material, have the right mindset, and finally, put what you learn to action. Education is the key.

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