saw that in real conditions in Hong Kong

Celine Replica Bags The goal of the nearly $1 billion order for 830 new buses with diesel engines and electric propulsion systems is to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the Soci de transport de Montr dirty diesel buses. By the time they arrive in 2024, hybrid buses will make up roughly half of an enlarged STM fleet of 2,100 buses.However, while a bus with a diesel electric hybrid engine sounds like it’s better for the environment, even the STM admits the environmental benefits of the city’s hybrids are unproven and the buses now on ordermay never live up to their advertised 30 per cent savings on fuel and carbon emissions.A recent study for the city of Hong Kong found hybrids consumed just six per cent less fuel on average over their fully diesel counterparts, and in certain conditions like hills, hot weather and in heavy traffic the hybrids were even less efficient, consuming 16 per cent more fuel. That negligible fuel savings deterred the transit association there from buying any hybrids.saw that in real conditions in Hong Kong, it doesn make sense, cost wise at least, because the cost of the buses is about 40 per cent higher, and they would not be able to make that up with fuel consumption benefits, said Leonidas Ntziachristos, an associate professor in mechanical engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece.Ntziachristos said fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions go hand in hand, so if a bus is consuming more fuel, it also emitting more carbon dioxide.A hybrid bus turns onto de Maisonneuve St. Celine Replica Bags

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