Reaching for her towel, she climbs from the pool again and

Nick Patch/The Canadian PressShania Twain roared into her first live show in more than eight years perched atop a glistening motorcycle on Saturday, dangling on wires at least three metres in the air in a sequined black catsuit, her thick brown hair flowing behind her.Without singing a word, she then received her first standing ovation from an adoring Caesars Palace audience.Shania was back. And her new Las Vegas digs seemed an even better fit for the Canadian bred country starlet than the skin tight costume she wore as she stomped her thigh high black boots back across the stage for the first time since July 2004.Next, fierce guitars cut like buzzsaws as her 13 piece band launched into Gonna Getcha Good and Twain strutted about the stage as if she never left. But of course, she did leave and she didn let the sold out crowd forget that they were witnessing a tough, triumphant moment for the 47 year old many still consider the Queen of

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