Most people who got in touch were firmly on the side of the

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high quality hermes birkin replica Paul Holt, whose son Kian attends Stockport Academy, spoke out to complain about his 12 year old being put in isolation because his shoes didn’t meet the dress code.The code requires plain black shoes and has a ‚no trainers‘ warning, and the school did not consider Kian’s footwear, from JD Sports, to be in line with the rules.Paul meanwhile, says the Kickers are sold as ‚shoes‘ and not trainers on the store’s website.The school says it expects all pupils to adhere to the dress code, which focuses on ‚sensible and affordable items of clothing that are easily available‘.Most people who got in touch were firmly on the side of the school, including Sarah O’Brien, who wrote: „Sorry but they hermes replica belt are sporty style of kickers shoes not smart shoes. I can’t imagine a boss in an office where smart clothing is expected be allowing you to wear something like that.“Mike Messenger said: „This debate has been going around for the past 40 years that I know.“There is a reason for a school uniform policy. Rules are rules and must be respected high quality hermes birkin replica.